Welcome to CLRA’s ‘Local Government Class Action’ site

The Community Law Resources Association (CLRA) is looking to bring a class action against the State of Victoria regarding the authority they are expressing through the Local Government Act (1989) to make local government a third tier of government in the State of Victoria.


1. To bring about a common forum of like-minded people who have a genuine grievance against the current tyrannical State imposed third tier of Government in Australia.

2. To create a confidential list of like-minded people for the purpose of and with respect to an expression of interest in a class action to take place within the court system in the Imperial Australia with respect to the interpretation of Local Government and that entities’ Imperial powers.

On the imposition of a class action, we are seeking to clarify the authority for which the current Local Government system relies and, most importantly, how that current Local Government system aligns with the CURRENT (past and present as defined in the Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia) definition of Local Government as a department of a State.


To put the intention of the framers of the Commonwealth at Federation of Local Government back into the State Statutes as a Department of the State and NOT a third tier of Government.

If we achieve this then, of course, Local Government will lose the power to impose any form of taxation and the issuing of fines.

This will also change the way that Local Government submit a claim for services rendered at each and every Fee Simple bound property within the realm of the Crown Imperial.

What would be the benefits of a successful class action against Local Government?

The Community Law Resources Association does not in any way wish to cause any hardship to any person, except to say that neither we nor the people of Australia made these Laws that we will be alleging are ultra vires (repugnant).

We recognise that rubbish will still need to be picked up, parks and gardens will need to be mowed, roads will still need to be maintained and libraries and the like, will still need to be staffed and maintained.

To that end, we will be suggesting that each State will set up a Department of municipal services and infrastructure, just the way it is constitutionally required to be.

We also recognise that any service that any living person requests will have to be paid for by such person.

Currently, almost 70% of the rates that the people pay by means of property tax (rates) go to pay the salaries for people like chief executive officers and directors.

That would stop immediately if this class action were to succeed. There will be no requirement for CEO’s or the like and no requirement for giant municipal buildings.

State governments will be required to take back the responsibilities of planning and environment, fire prevention and any other burden that does not fall within the department of municipal services and infrastructure commission. State governments have been very cunning at shifting the responsibility of funding such groups from the State Governments onto the rate payers. That would stop immediately.

We, at the Community Law Resources Association, recognise that there will be a need for a moderate rate impost.

We believe that property tax should be less than half of what it is today. We also believe that there will be little need for interference in the people’s everyday lives, a vast difference from today.

Accordingly, we are seeking expressions of interest from people who would like to be part of this class action and request that they enter their details on the right to register their interest. Please note that we hate spam as much as you do and we will only contact you with relevant information pertaining to the class action.

Also, registering your interest does not obligate you to be part of the class action, it is simply a registration of your interest.

The class action also applies to renters just as much as it does to property owners because, quite obviously, the cost of rates are built into any rent payments.

Important note – you do not need to live in Victoria to be part of this class action and, if this class action is successful, we would be looking to run similar cases in the other States and Territories of Australia.

Please pass the details of this website onto all your contacts and urge them to register to be part of this as well.

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that you can print out and place in shop windows etc. in your local area.

You can also attach a copy to an e-mail and send it onto everyone in your contacts list or copy the text and post it onto your Facebook status and/or Facebook groups that you may be a part of to help us spread the word about this vital class action.